Sunday, March 27, 2011

Torath Mosheh vs. Missionaries and Messianics (Part 1)

The new few posts will be dealing with a problem that exists in some segments of Jewish society and that is dealing with missionaries and messianics. In the next month we will be posting informaiton that we hope will help Jews return to Torath Mosheh and leave behind various forms of Avodah Zara that is found amongst the missionaries and messianics. We also hope to provide information to strengthen Jews who have to face the various missionaries and messianics.

The Issues

Understanding how to deal with missionaries requires an understanding on several fronts, some of which are historical and some of which are psychological. The historical elements help in strengthening Jews who must face off against missionaries in all of the elements that make missionaries and the modern messianic movements heretics. The psychological is in part understanding how and why some Jews get sucked into such movements and developing the approach based on these people as individuals and not as entire groups.

In all cases the basic starting point is to understand that any person of Jewish background who assigns themselves to any aspect of Christianity is a heretic not only to Judiasism, but also the fundamentals of Torath Mosheh. Yet, in order for this to be understand one must first understand what Torath Mosheh is.

The reason why this is important is based on the following Judaic principles:

תלמוד בבלי - מסכת אבות פרק א-ב,יז יד
רבי אלעזר אומר, הוי שקד ללמוד מה שתשיב את אפיקורוס; ודע לפני מי אתה עמל, ומי הוא בעל מלאכתך

Talmud Bavli – Tractate Avoth 1b,17[15]
(Translation) Ribbi Elazar says: to learn what to answer the heretic; and know before whom you toil, and whom is your master.

Further to this point is Rashi’s comment on Devarim 18.9:

לא תלמד לעשות: אבל אתה למד להבין ולהורות, כלומר להבין מעשיהם כמה הם מקולקלים, ולהורות לבניך לא תעשה כך וכך, שזה הוא חוק הגוים

(Translation) Do not learn to do: But you learn to understand and to explain, like to say to understand their actions and how they error and to expound this to your children to not do this or that, because this is a law of the nations/i.e. idoloters.

Understanding Modern Messianic Heresy

Much has been written about the history of Christianity and its inception. I will not cover much of this, but instead focus on the modern movement which claims to be both Jewish and Christian.

Modern “so called” Messianic Judaism claims to follow on a history of emergence of Jewish believers in Jesus seeking to reclaim their identity as Jews and as followers of Jesus at the same time. A simple summary of that history should note that in the 18th and 19th centuries, Christians of Jewish descent increased in numbers due to social issues in Europe and America. In Europe and America the growing number of Jewish Christians were represented by missionary organizations to the Jews with quaint names.

The Christian missions to the Jews movement made an advance when Hebrew Christians, as they were known, began to associate and come together for conferences. The idea of maintaining Jewish identity as followers of Jesus began to grow. At first this had little to do with Judaism.

In the 1970’s, some of these Hebrew Christians, especially under the influence of Martin Chernoff and Manny Brotman, developed Messianic Judaism in its incipient form. The advancement here was the idea of Jews actually practicing faith in Jesus in a Jewish way.

Increasingly, however, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, so called Messianic Judaism became a haven for non-Jews looking to find a restoration of a perceived early church or some alternative to a church that had grown soft on Biblical practice and strong on revivalist tradition.

In the next post we will explain how missionaries and messianics do not match the requirements of Torath Mosheh. So stay tuned.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Current Events and Tziyonuth

So just when people think that there is a time of calm and quiet we here in Israel have it all thrown out the window. It doesn't surprise that with all of the realities going on around the Middle East, and the world for that matter, that moments of calm are only moments. The bombs from Gaza have been dropping in the southern parts of Israel for some time, and now just yesterday an explosion in Jerusalem.

With various regions in the Arab world on fire and North Africa ablaze we wonder if we are on a slow pace heading toward the ultimate redemption of Am Yisrael or just a road of more misery. In any case we must strengthen ourselves and keep moving forward. This is the only way to deal with this kind of situations when our nation is currently not equiped to deal with them in a true Torah based fashion.

It always pains us that our nation has to exist in this state but this is the reality of not only our world but also of the politics that we allow ourselves to live under. We are not under the illusion that there is a peace that is waiting around the corner because of political ties, political motives, or even political policies. These things can be illusions that trap our society into denying that the center peice is missing and thus we are currently living, as a nation, without our greatest asset.

This is why, we believe, our country falls victim to missionaries, falls victim to the indignation of various nations and agendas, falls vicitim to a lack of basic Torah based nationlism all because as a whole we refuse to see the world as it is. Instead of our culture being the dominate force in our society imitation of the outside rules from politics to pop culture.

Our answer to this is both simple and complicated. A complete and utter return to the central aspect of Israeli historical reality. We will be talking about these issues in more detail soon, until then........

Monday, March 14, 2011

Further Explainations of Torath Mosheh

The first step in understanding Torath Mosheh is to define the terms themselves that make up the statement.

תורה pronounced “Torah” from the Ivrith (Hebrew) root (י-ר-ה) meaning to throw, cast, shoot out like an arrow, cast or lay a foundation. The feminine noun Torah means instructions, directions, precepts, and laws. The Ivrith (Hebrew) terms for a teacher, mode, or manner come from the same root.

משה Pronounced “Mosheh” from the Ivrith (Hebrew) root (מ-ש-ה) is the correct way to pronounce Moses’s name. Mosheh is known as Mosheh ben-Amram (Moses son of Amram) or Mosheh Rabbeinu (Moses our Teacher). He is the greatest of all prophets, he is the only prophet to have interacted, both in public and in private, directly with the Creator of all things יהוה.

Pronounced “Torath Mosheh” meaning instructions, directions, precepts, and laws which are directly connected to the Written and Oral Torah received by the people of Yisrael (Israel) on Har Sinai (Mount Sinai). These include both Divine and non-Divine  methods of instruction in performing the Will of the Creator of all things whose name is pronounced יהוה.
  1. Oral Torah during the time of Mount Sinai – At Mount Sinai the entire nation of Yisrael heard, saw, and experienced the same event. Hashem, the creator of all things, speaking both in verbal and visual form. Thousands to millions witnessed and experienced this event as if it was one united experience. (Shemoth 20:14)
  2. Yisraeli/Jewish sources state that all of the Yisraelim (Israelis) witnessed that the prophecy of Mosheh was correct and they heard the Creator’s words approving of Mosheh.
  3. The Torah of Hashem was further explained to Am Yisrael by Mosheh Rabbeinu, thus these are the teachings of Mosheh. (Malachi 3, Tractate Shabbat 89a)
  4. Torath Mosheh is the correct method of Torah application which focuses on performing the will of the Creator of all things whose name is pronounced יהוה. Qoheleth 12:13
  5. Based on both written and oral understandings transmitted from Torah observant Yisraeli parents, starting at Mount Sinai, to their children until the present era. (Devarim 32:7, Mishlei 1:8)
Thus the following is also true:
  1. The written Torah of ancient times exists completely intact today.
  2. The correct understandingss still exist to this day.
  3. The center of Torah understanding begins from the land of Yisrael (Israel).
  4. Torah represents 1 universal truth, and there are no others.
As much as people may argue about the existence of an Oral Torah, the reality is that there is a correct and an incorrect way to understand the Torah and the physical and philosophical commands given in it. These methods of correct methods of Torah application are the Oral Torah.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Torath Mosheh - The Torah of Moses

Initial Goals

For the next few weeks we are going to be posting some of our introductory information which includes some videos and segments are articles that are crucial ot understanding our future articles. The videos we will be posting are ones that we have done or have been done others that we agree with. Our goal, as stated before, is to deal with issues revolving around Torah truth, which we call Torath Mosheh or Yahaduth. It is our assertion that we live in a time when Am Yisrael (the people of Israel) must take a stand. This blog is one of our ways to actualize our part of that stand.

Our topic schedule is as follows.
  1. What is Torath Mosheh/Yahaduth?
  2. Debunking missionaries and messianics
  3. The land of Israel
  4. Dealing with Islamic claims against Torah
  5. Expositions on Torah and Halakhah
The 5th topic will be a continious thing on this blog as we will be posting our ideas and concepts. We have already started posting the Torath Mosheh/Yahaduth topics and we will continue for the next few weeks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Having it Both Ways

It is interesting to us how people who speak agianst Israel want to try and have it both ways. What is meant by this is that we did 7 vidoes on YouTube with our perspective on the land of Israel and the conflict with the Arabs. We of course expected to get comments that call for the destruction of Israel and the people of Israel. That is a given any time someone represents our side.

Yet, it is funny that when we say that Israel, as well as all Middle Eastern countries, should not be on the aide or payroll of America, Europe, and Russia we get comments from anti-Israel types who seem to argue with us on this also. One commenter mentioned that Israel wouldn't survive a day without western weapons and money and that we are silly for making such a statement as rejecting western money. Our reponse to the poster was, "What do you care? You claim we have no right to be here so you agree that welfare money should be rejected." Another commenter claimed that we are Khazars and then made a similar arguement that without western money so on and so on.

We do understand why we present a difficult arguement for these people. They are expecting us to rely on western money and to try and convince them of our right to be here. We, the Lochmei Yisrael, live in Israel so we are not playing at knowing the issues. We see them, the issues, every day in our lives here in the Middle East. So we are only concerned with opening the eyes of fellow Jews and reasonable people who struggle through the same kind of situation. We know that those who make the above type comments lose their arguement when we say that Israel should stand on its own ground. If we win, we win by our hands and if we lose, we lose because we were not worthy.

In the end we stand on a funny crossroads and at the end of the day it doesn't matter to us who supports Israel and who doesn't. The purpose of being an Israeli is to do the will of Hashem. That is the goal that we are after and this is not political by any means for us. We believe that Israeli society will continue to suffer as long as our society does not revovle around Torath Moshe. We will soon be laying out our case for this as well begin to express our concerns with issues such as missionaries, fake politics, messianics, confrontational Islam, the Torah based tradition, and more.

So stay tuned for we have arrived.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog

For a while now we have been considering the best way to post our ideas and concepts so that we can begin a virtual movement of sorts to expose the world to our particular view of what is called Torath Moshe. There are a number of sites that are currently doing this and many of them are better than we ever could be but there is a certain strength in numbers and we feel that the time is right to put ourselves into the fray.

Right now Am Yisrael (the people of Israel) are in a fight locally, here in Israel, and internationally as the Jewish people. We are in a fight not only for our survival as a nation but also for our culture. It is not a new story that there are various groups, religions, and organizations that have set themselves up in one way or another to either replace Am Yisrael or to try and take us away from our mission.

This blog is our response to this. This blog will be the work of several Israelis who are ready to fight for our cultures and traditions. Stay tuned because we have arrived.