Thursday, March 24, 2011

Current Events and Tziyonuth

So just when people think that there is a time of calm and quiet we here in Israel have it all thrown out the window. It doesn't surprise that with all of the realities going on around the Middle East, and the world for that matter, that moments of calm are only moments. The bombs from Gaza have been dropping in the southern parts of Israel for some time, and now just yesterday an explosion in Jerusalem.

With various regions in the Arab world on fire and North Africa ablaze we wonder if we are on a slow pace heading toward the ultimate redemption of Am Yisrael or just a road of more misery. In any case we must strengthen ourselves and keep moving forward. This is the only way to deal with this kind of situations when our nation is currently not equiped to deal with them in a true Torah based fashion.

It always pains us that our nation has to exist in this state but this is the reality of not only our world but also of the politics that we allow ourselves to live under. We are not under the illusion that there is a peace that is waiting around the corner because of political ties, political motives, or even political policies. These things can be illusions that trap our society into denying that the center peice is missing and thus we are currently living, as a nation, without our greatest asset.

This is why, we believe, our country falls victim to missionaries, falls victim to the indignation of various nations and agendas, falls vicitim to a lack of basic Torah based nationlism all because as a whole we refuse to see the world as it is. Instead of our culture being the dominate force in our society imitation of the outside rules from politics to pop culture.

Our answer to this is both simple and complicated. A complete and utter return to the central aspect of Israeli historical reality. We will be talking about these issues in more detail soon, until then........

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