Friday, March 4, 2011

Having it Both Ways

It is interesting to us how people who speak agianst Israel want to try and have it both ways. What is meant by this is that we did 7 vidoes on YouTube with our perspective on the land of Israel and the conflict with the Arabs. We of course expected to get comments that call for the destruction of Israel and the people of Israel. That is a given any time someone represents our side.

Yet, it is funny that when we say that Israel, as well as all Middle Eastern countries, should not be on the aide or payroll of America, Europe, and Russia we get comments from anti-Israel types who seem to argue with us on this also. One commenter mentioned that Israel wouldn't survive a day without western weapons and money and that we are silly for making such a statement as rejecting western money. Our reponse to the poster was, "What do you care? You claim we have no right to be here so you agree that welfare money should be rejected." Another commenter claimed that we are Khazars and then made a similar arguement that without western money so on and so on.

We do understand why we present a difficult arguement for these people. They are expecting us to rely on western money and to try and convince them of our right to be here. We, the Lochmei Yisrael, live in Israel so we are not playing at knowing the issues. We see them, the issues, every day in our lives here in the Middle East. So we are only concerned with opening the eyes of fellow Jews and reasonable people who struggle through the same kind of situation. We know that those who make the above type comments lose their arguement when we say that Israel should stand on its own ground. If we win, we win by our hands and if we lose, we lose because we were not worthy.

In the end we stand on a funny crossroads and at the end of the day it doesn't matter to us who supports Israel and who doesn't. The purpose of being an Israeli is to do the will of Hashem. That is the goal that we are after and this is not political by any means for us. We believe that Israeli society will continue to suffer as long as our society does not revovle around Torath Moshe. We will soon be laying out our case for this as well begin to express our concerns with issues such as missionaries, fake politics, messianics, confrontational Islam, the Torah based tradition, and more.

So stay tuned for we have arrived.

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