Monday, March 14, 2011

Further Explainations of Torath Mosheh

The first step in understanding Torath Mosheh is to define the terms themselves that make up the statement.

תורה pronounced “Torah” from the Ivrith (Hebrew) root (י-ר-ה) meaning to throw, cast, shoot out like an arrow, cast or lay a foundation. The feminine noun Torah means instructions, directions, precepts, and laws. The Ivrith (Hebrew) terms for a teacher, mode, or manner come from the same root.

משה Pronounced “Mosheh” from the Ivrith (Hebrew) root (מ-ש-ה) is the correct way to pronounce Moses’s name. Mosheh is known as Mosheh ben-Amram (Moses son of Amram) or Mosheh Rabbeinu (Moses our Teacher). He is the greatest of all prophets, he is the only prophet to have interacted, both in public and in private, directly with the Creator of all things יהוה.

Pronounced “Torath Mosheh” meaning instructions, directions, precepts, and laws which are directly connected to the Written and Oral Torah received by the people of Yisrael (Israel) on Har Sinai (Mount Sinai). These include both Divine and non-Divine  methods of instruction in performing the Will of the Creator of all things whose name is pronounced יהוה.
  1. Oral Torah during the time of Mount Sinai – At Mount Sinai the entire nation of Yisrael heard, saw, and experienced the same event. Hashem, the creator of all things, speaking both in verbal and visual form. Thousands to millions witnessed and experienced this event as if it was one united experience. (Shemoth 20:14)
  2. Yisraeli/Jewish sources state that all of the Yisraelim (Israelis) witnessed that the prophecy of Mosheh was correct and they heard the Creator’s words approving of Mosheh.
  3. The Torah of Hashem was further explained to Am Yisrael by Mosheh Rabbeinu, thus these are the teachings of Mosheh. (Malachi 3, Tractate Shabbat 89a)
  4. Torath Mosheh is the correct method of Torah application which focuses on performing the will of the Creator of all things whose name is pronounced יהוה. Qoheleth 12:13
  5. Based on both written and oral understandings transmitted from Torah observant Yisraeli parents, starting at Mount Sinai, to their children until the present era. (Devarim 32:7, Mishlei 1:8)
Thus the following is also true:
  1. The written Torah of ancient times exists completely intact today.
  2. The correct understandingss still exist to this day.
  3. The center of Torah understanding begins from the land of Yisrael (Israel).
  4. Torah represents 1 universal truth, and there are no others.
As much as people may argue about the existence of an Oral Torah, the reality is that there is a correct and an incorrect way to understand the Torah and the physical and philosophical commands given in it. These methods of correct methods of Torah application are the Oral Torah.

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